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Supplementary Long Poem – Kristen Roberts

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

again, i apologize for my unfashionable lateness. i’ve completely lost control of my narcolepsy and it is slowly swallowing my life. i also have absolutely no time management skills. shocking news, i’m sure.

i’m sorry if this seems to lack my usual absurdness. i’ve misplaced my joy of learning somewhere underneath this never-ending pile of homework that has me stuck in my apartment doing homework at 3am on a friday night. for the first time ever, i actually miss having the free time to clean up my apartment. this place is a complete tip.

i honestly wish i understood this poem more, because there is clearly so much to talk about. but i unfortunately don’t speak poet with any sort of fluency, and i’m gravely disappointed in this essay. it could have been so awesome. :/

i bet you’re stoked to read it now.