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Postcard from St. Lucia

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

postcard st. lucia

helpful links: Gwendolyn’s essay  and Paul Jay’s article

Body Positive Whitman

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

So as we were wrapping up class earlier this morning, a thought struck me and I couldn’t help but laugh.

I feel like we’ve all (hopefully) seen the sexiestmanontheplanet wonderful Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” memes on the interwebs. I used the idea (and The Gos man himself) for a body positive nonfiction final project last semester (you may have seen the posters plastered around campus the last week or two of the semester) and now, I not only think they’re hilariously wonderful, I randomly connect academia to memes. Problematic, right? Possibly. But today, it was absolutely awesome.

Example for the unfamiliar:

Hey Girl Gosling Fall 2012

So back to the point: Walt Whitman.
Gay, straight, tall, short, man, woman, skinny, fat, hairy, hairless, smelly, not smelly: EMBRACE YOURSELF! You are large, you contain multitudes! You are everything you desire, desire to be, and more! Whitman’s acceptance of this is refreshing and something that I feel needs to be practiced and believed by everyone. Loving yourself can ultimately be a religious experience (example: meditation and yoga encourages one to let go to be able to accept and love flaws or, better yet, what society convinces you are flaws…like armpits! haha.) I’ve known plenty of people who are turned off by his love and admiration for himself, but why? At the time, the body was a sinful, shameful thing. At this current time, we are constantly surrounded  by images of what OTHERS define as “beautiful” and we are merely (use any put down word you’d like here) peasants. We should look to Whitman for (specifically lines 526-528) a confidence booster. I’m divine, my smell is MINE and is perfect for ME, my head is more than others because it is mine, it is knowledge, understanding, peace, and love (all words I’d associate with church and the bible.) He’s like THE FATHER of the “Hey Girl” meme movement!

Whitman knows he owns it and thinks you should too:

Body Lovin' Whitman

This blog entry might seem a tad forced…but establishing connections is important, right? Connection: MADE.