Full syllabus here: ENGL-458-MScanlon-201301

Daily/weekly schedule here:

Week 1

T Jan 15               Introductions

R Jan 17              Essays on the blog: Gioia, “The Dilemma of the Long Poem,” Poe, “The Poetic Principle,” Keller, “Pushing the Limits of Genre and Gender,” McHale, “Telling Stories Again”

Your task: Distill some of the genre’s models/ forms/ concerns and be ready to share them in class.

Week 2

T Jan 22               Whitman, Song of Myself, 1855 edition7-70; Introduction 3-6.  (Lexicon starts on page 133)

R Jan 24               Whitman; Keller, “The Twentieth-Century Long Poem”

Week 3

T Jan 29               Whitman; Miller, “The Care and Feeding of Long Poems”

R Jan 31              Eliot, The Waste Land and Rainey’s introduction 17-40. (Eliot’s notes begin page 71 and Rainey’s notes begin page 75)

Week 4

T Feb 5                 Eliot; also “Prose and Verse” 158-165

R Feb 7                 Eliot; Murphy, “The Verse Novel: A Modern American Poetic Genre”(blog)

Week 5

T Feb 12               Hughes, Montage of a Dream Deferred

R Feb 14               Hughes; Rosenthal, “Modern British and American Poetic Sequences”

Week 6

T Feb 19               H.D., Trilogy: The Walls Do Not Fall

R Feb 21               H.D., Trilogy: Tribute to the Angels

Week 7

T Feb 26               H.D., Trilogy: The Flowering of the Rod

R Feb 28               H.D.; Friedman, “When a ‘Long’ Poem is a ‘Big’ Poem” (blog)

You should have completed at least one Assignment B by March 3.

WEEK 8:  Spring Break

Week 9

T Mar 12               Walcott, Omeros, Book I

R Mar 14              Walcott Book II

Reading Report on Supplementary Long Poem

due no later than 4:00 on Friday, March 15.

 Week 10

T Mar 19               Walcott Book III

R Mar 21              Walcott Book IV and V

Week 11

T Mar 26               Walcott Books VI and VII

R Mar 28              Walcott; annotated bibliographies due

 Week 12

T Apr 2                 Shange, for colored girls . . .

R Apr 4                 Shange

Working thesis and paper description due by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, April 5, in my departmental mailbox.

 Week 13

T Apr 9                  Graham 3-47

R Apr 11               Graham 48-99

Week 14

T Apr 16               Graham; draft of seminar paper due in class

 Conferences with MNS April 17-19, 22-23.

R Apr 18               Ortiz, “Preface”-61

Week 15

T Apr 23               Ortiz  62-95

Peer draft feedback due by midnight Tuesday.

R Apr 25               ELC Kemp Symposium; class will not meet

 Paper due Friday, April 26 by 4:00 in my departmental mailbox.

FINAL EXAM       Tuesday, April 30, 8:30-11:00. 

Oral Presentations of Research.



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