My Life is a Long Poem

So one of the things I was reflecting on today is how much our lives right now are like a long poem. First and foremost, they are most likely highly disjointed and disorganized. I can only speak for myself here, but my life is pretty much Jorie Graham’s “The End of Beauty”—my train of thought constantly disjointed, sentences and tasks left unfinished, and a lot of _________s left to be filled in.

There’s also a lot of “looking backward while looking forward” going on at this time of year—that is to say, our lives are very palimpsestuous at the moment. First, we are looking back at what we have learned this semester and essentially “rewriting” it in the form of final papers and projects. H.D. would be so proud. Also, for any fellow seniors in the class, I think this idea of looking forward with a “sideways glance to the past” probably accurately describes the way we are feeling as our time at UMW comes to an end.

Last but not least, our lives might most accurately be described as The Waste Land—in other words complete chaos. Different voices are constantly swirling around our head (not like literally hearing voices…although maybe this is the case for some). These voices remind us of all the tings we have to do—some are nervous, some frantic, and others may even have a faint cockney accent, who knows. When I think back to the pictures we drew on the whiteboard of what the wasteland looked like, I realize that is what my life looks like at this very moment.

Anyways, just thought I’d point out these parallels. Good luck surviving this week everyone ☺

2 Responses to “My Life is a Long Poem”

  1. Kristina Tkac says:

    I agree Jen!

    And good luck to you too! 🙂

  2. malimcm says:

    This is funny because it’s true… good luck to you as well and good job on your presentation today, Jen!