What Happened in Class Today?!

I know I missed! I’m very sad that I did. I have read Heidi’s bridge to the blog and am about to comment on it, too. But please, people, tell me what we talked about!! I want to know!

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3 Responses to “What Happened in Class Today?!”

  1. imalekgh says:

    Thank you, Heidi! I appreciate that you took the time to type all that up for me/us. I am really sad that I missed the class. I actually could have come in at around 10:30 for the last fifteen minutes but I didn’t want to be rude at that point. I’m so glad it was good discussion, though! I wish I could’ve at least heard it haha 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    I overslept and missed as well! 🙁 Thank you Heidi for catching us up!!

  3. Heidi says:

    Isun, here’s a brief look at today’s class. Hopefully, someone else will fill in the gaps…
    We began by discussing long poems/the Friedman article and how long poems rooted in epic tradition have built-in gender and those that strive for ‘epic reach’ typically focus on male topics— our list included: social, cultural, historical, religious, mythological, national, ‘tales of the tribe’, and aesthetics.
    Friedman notes that 20th century women poets have used four strategies in order to feminize long poems:
    • linguistic experimentalism (gynopoetics)
    • the satiric other
    • re-vision/her-story (revising prior histories)
    • reclamation of public discourse/inside outside (reclaiming their position by taking the inside/private/personal into the epic scope…because inside and outside are connected)
    That led to a discussion about Lacan and the notion of l’écriture feminine— which literally translates into “women’s writing”, but refers more specifically to semiotic language— emphasizing wordplay, rhythm, and sound, for example… the jouissance and the pleasure of language that is so evident in Trilogy.
    After that, Dr. Scanlon opened the discussion to specific questions/ concerns we might have about Trilogy…which eventually touched on the topic of H. D. as psychic.

    I hope this helps…. You missed a great discussion today.